Address: Bahmanyar St, Bahmanyar Sq, Basir Bridge, tondgouyan Highway, Yakhche Abad, Tehran
Hospital Phone: 021-91320002


Hospital Functions:

Get a Graduate Certificate of Health from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Get a plate in the normal delivery of maternity

Identifying the funeral hospital as a child-friendly hospital since 2001

Get certified for the establishment of a blood-grooming system (Hemovigilance system)

Hospital Perspective:

The center intends to be one of the most prestigious and quality hospitals in Tehran by relying on specialist personnel, facilities and medical facilities by the end of the year 1410.

Statement of Mission of the Hospital Mofarah:

Specialized Hospital is dedicated to offering its most desirable diagnostic and therapeutic services, relying on quantitative and qualitative improvement of health services, and, in this way, utilizes specialized and motivated personnel, equipment and facilities, and priorities its continuous improvement of quality. Service and patient safety.