Address: Bahmanyar St, Bahmanyar Sq, Basir Bridge, tondgouyan Highway, Yakhche Abad, Tehran
Hospital Phone: 021-91320002

Hospital facilities and services

Para Clinic

Laboratory of Mofarah Hospital with experienced technical staff and with advanced equipment, 24 hours a day, all specialized and specialized experiments in microbiology, hormone, parasitology, biochemistry, hematology, chromatography, electrophoresis, specialized pathology including Immunohistochemistry tests (measurements of Ki67, PR, ER, Cerb2 receptors and other tumor markers, etc.) and histopathology, cytology, FNA, and furosectomy sections, haemoptysis, tumor markers, embryo screening and neonatal screening, first and second stage, urea test for patients Hilar Pillory and Spin Analysis and Washing Sperm (to test IUI) to detect

Pathologist and laboratory technician: Dr. Farzaneh Nazari

Head of Department: Nasim Mofarah

Supervisor Lab: Mehdi Nourian

Phone number: 021-91320002 Internal 263

Specialized Radiology and Sonography Clinic of Mofarah Hospital with the presence of experienced doctors and personnel is ready to provide the following services 24 hours a day:

Performing an ultrasound by a male and female specialist

General and general ultrasound

Colordoplore colored ultrasound (vessels of the limb, neck, kidneys and …)

Colored doppler sonography, placenta, embryo and uterus

Fetal specialized ultrasounds include two-dimensional and four-dimensional scans

Advanced NT ultrasound

Pediatric ultrasound (hip, abdomen, etc.)

Do this ultrasound

Simple and colorful radiographs

Echocardiogram of the embryonic heart

Performing digital mammography (halogen)

CT Scan 16 Slice Spiral (Hitachi)

Types of CT scans with injection and without injection (brain, face, lung, etc.)

Types of dynamic CT scans (pituitary, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen)

Types of CT angiography of the abdomen, pelvis and other organs

Types of CT angiography of the brain, head and neck

Types of Intrusive Measures Under the Scan of Access

Multiple Scleral Scale 2 and 3 Scale CT Scans

3D 3D scan of the arteries, joints and organs

MIP and MPR images

CT scan gram

Anti virus

Terrific pancreas

Adrenal gland

Head of Science Department: Dr. Hossein Zaree

Head of Department: Masoumeh Asadi

Phone number:021-91320002 Internal 253

Hemodialysis section of Mofarah Hospital has 18 hemodialysis machines, which are available in three shifts daily for 54 patients with chronic renal failure. In total, this department covers an average of 96 permanent patients using experienced staff under the supervision of a nephrologist specialist.

Head of Science Department: Dr. Mozhgan Barati

Head Nurse: Fatemeh Rezvani

Phone Call: 021-91320002 Internal 277

Pharmacy Hospital is a provider of pharmacotherapy and counseling services to outpatients, inpatients and patients from 8:30 am to 19:00.

Technical Officer: Dr. Ali Rastegari

Supervisor: Nasrin Hasani

Phone Call: 021-91320002 Internal 237

The vaccination department of Mofarah Hospital, with more than 30 years of experience and having compassionate and efficient personnel, carries out immunization of clients with strict observance of standards in the following areas:

A: Vaccination of specific patients referring to the department of dialysis of Mofarah Hospital, according to the Ministry of Health

B: Vaccination of hospital personnel (those exposed to hazardous work)

C: Children’s routine vaccination, according to the Ministry of Health

Phone Call: 021-91320002 Internal 238

Beginning of the B-heparin-Oral Polio-Hepatitis B everyday

2 Months Oral-Five Polio (Triple, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus Influenza) Everyday

Fourth of a month, Oral Polio – Five Injection Polio (Triple, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenza) every day

6 Months Oral Polio – Five (Triple, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus Influenza) Everyday

12 Months MMR (measles, rubella, mumps) for coupled days (9am)

18 Months MMR – Oral Polio – Triple Pairs (9am)

6 years old (entering school) three food polio

Hospital Sections

Maternity block has LDR rooms to allow companions to attend during normal delivery, to have a natural delivery in water, to have a low birth weight, to use trance to reduce the pain of normal labor

Phone number: 021-91320002 Internal 293

Academic Supervisor Section: Dr. Hassan Jalali

Head Nurse: Masoumeh Abbasi

In the internal ward – the surgical center of this center, using an experienced staff and equipment, a variety of general and specialized surgeries in the field of cosmetic surgery (abdominoplasty, mammaplasty and suction, etc.), thyroid, gastroenterology, breast diseases, orthopedic surgeries Knee replacement and … .. and surgical emergencies are performed as open or laparoscopic surgeries.

Phone number: 021-91320002 Internal 295

Head of Science Department: Dr. Jalal Mazhari

Head Nurse: Fatemeh Rabiee

The Department of Neonates at Mofarah Hospital has been introduced as a Child Friendly Hospital since 2002 by the Deputy Health and Treatment Department of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

The section of infants equipped with medical facilities such as warmers, baby well incubators, isolates for incubators, oximetry pulses, and intensive phototherapy devices are ready to serve babies.

Phone number: 021-91320002 Internal 270

Academic Supervisor Section: Dr. Shokoufeh Roozbehani

Head Nurse: Noushin Daliri

Special Sections

The ICU Hospital has 15 beds with the latest modern equipment and the presence of ICUs and specialized charities for the provision of specialized care services in the year 96.

ICU Academic Supervisor: Dr. Reza Shahrami

Head Nurse Section: Maryam Nezampour

Call number: 021-91320002 Internal 291 -297

Center for Cardiac Care (CCU) with the presence of cardiologists

Call number: 021-91320002 Internal 290


The Emergency Department of the Hospital is attended by 24-hour Emergency Medicine Specialists with 11 beds

Head of Emergency Medicine (Emergency Medicine Specialist): Dr. Farzin Lotfi

Head Nurse: Roghiye Hassannejad

Call Phone: 021-91320002 Inland 250