Address: Bahmanyar St, Bahmanyar Sq, Basir Bridge, tondgouyan Highway, Yakhche Abad, Tehran
Hospital Phone: 021-91320002

Hystory of Mofarah Hospital

Mofarah Hospital, in the midst of a large and well-kept garden, in the heart of the Yakhchi Abad area of ​​Tehran, is a manifestation of its charitable intentions and its founding philanthropic thoughts (Haj Abolqasem Mofarah), the great man of this great man and his adherence to the ethical principles and jurisprudential foundations so It was firmly assumed that all of its assets and assets, including 600 hectares of Yakhche Abad area, several shops, caravanserai, houses, and during their life devoted to charity.

The construction of the Mofarah Hospital began in 1318 with the aim of providing free services to the people, and its preparation and equipping continued during the year of the Second World War by Wagif until the opening of the Hospital in 1321.
Haj Abolqasem Mofarah died in 1328 after several years of hospital administration and was buried in Qom.

Since its inception, Mofarah Hospital has been mainly a maternity hospital in the region. As time went by, the population density of the area has undergone a change and economic growth has necessitated the need for more medical and therapeutic services. However, in the year 1365, the renovation of the building The hospital began its expansion and began to operate in 1998 with a capacity of 90 beds.

Against the provisions of the endowment, the responsibility for the maintenance of the property of the endowment of the endowment and the management of the hospital is the responsibility of the immediate and immediate male descendants of the family and the supervision of the performance of the hospital affairs is at the time of the Minister of Health or his representative. Thus, the administration and management of the endowments and the funny hospital since its inception has been made as follows:
From 1321 to 1328 Hijri Shamsi: Haj Abolqasem Mofarah(Vicar and founder)
From 1328 to 1356: Haj Mohsen Mofarah (the eldest son of Abolqasem Mofarah)
From 1356 to 1367: Endowment Office (due to the lack of admission by the eldest son, Mohammad Ali Mofarah, due to work)
From 1988 to 1395: Dr. Reza Mofarah(son of Haj Abolqasem Mofarah)
From 1395 to present: Dr. Ali Mofarah(grandson  of late Haj Abulqasem Mofarah)