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Admission and admission

How to admit patients

  • Referring the patient to the admission unit by providing a hospital admission instruction from a hospital doctor
  • Presenting a national card or birth certificate and introducing a supplementary insurance policy if you have an insurance contract with the hospital
  • After the acceptance steps, the referral of the patient to the fund unit for payment of the deposit
  • The referral of the patient to the department after the completion of all matters relating to the filing of the case

Required documents for patient admission

  • Presenting an admission instruction from the doctor to the admission unit
  • Provide national card, birth certificate or insurance booklet
  • In the acceptance of women for gynecological surgery, the presence of a spouse along with a birth certificate
  • Attending children is the legal guardian with the birth certificate
  • If you do not have a baby book, you will also be provided with a parent insurance card
  • If you use a maternity booklet for infants below the age of one month, you will be provided with a parent’s birth certificate and birth certificate or birth certificate.
  • Presenting the introduction of the supplementary insurance policy, preferably at the time of admission or eventually before the patient’s discharge
  • In case of emergency, if the patient does not provide a valid identification card at the time of admission to the patient, delivery is up to 12 hours after admission

Required information for patient admission

  • The amount of money received after the patient’s admission is only a prepayment, and the full amount of costs, including (medical fees and hospital fees), is announced by the clearance unit.
  • Entry of persons less than 12 years of age to admission to meeting hours is prohibited.
  • Patient meeting hours: 15-16 pm